It’s clear President Trump got under Mayor Jenny Durkan’s skin when he pointed out she has completely lost control of her own city. We suppose she had to go full out ‘girl power’ and claim things are going exactly as she wants so she doesn’t look like the dumpster fire we all know she really is … but this only made her look worse.

We’re not entirely sure why she thought this was smart:

Free speech, community, and self-expression.


Key word, ‘LAWFULLY.’

‘A peaceful expression of collective grief.’

Holy crap this broad is full of it, EL OH EL.


Notice how she thinks she’s one of them.

She’s not.

And they know it.

She’s committed!

If she’s truly working with Police Chief Best then she knows everything she’s written here is BS.


A real leader wouldn’t call a bunch of anarchists tormenting five blocks of her city a ‘block party.’

Neither of these points is true but whatever makes her feel all girl power and stuff.


What an enormous and embarrassing load of CRAP.

And not a good wow.

We agree.

And yeah, about that whole ‘kumbaya vibe’ Jenny is trying to sell here? Her own Chief of Police debunked that …

So much for those spaghetti ‘potlucks’.

Like yesterday.



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