So if the protesters are tearing down statues of racists they’re missing a big one. Guess they’ve been too busy taking down statues of Christopher Columbus and vandalizing the 54th to focus their rage on actual members of the Klu Klux Klan.

Guess the D by their names grants them a pass?

Jim Geraghty made some excellent points:

You know, an actual literal member of the KLAN.


Because ORANGE MAN BAD! Wait, no, does that work here? You know, it sort of does. It’s the same blatant disregard for those who the Left politically disagrees with. They vilify anyone who dares not fall in line, paint them as some sort of racist, sexist, bigot, etc., and then they pretend to destroy them is justice.

Byrd is complicated because he was Hillary’s BFF.

Or something.

Columbus only FOUNDED America.

Psh, silly Jim.

There ya’ go!

Robert Byrd was a Democrat, he doesn’t count. Or something.



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