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SPARE ME: Conservatives TORCH Valerie Jarrett after she praises Mitt Romney and welcomes him to 'the right side of history'

Remember when Team Obama accused Mitt Romney of murdering the poor and being a sexist for keeping ‘binders of women’, among other horrible things? Gosh, we do. But it would appear, Valerie Jarrett, either doesn’t remember how gross their campaign was OR assumes the rest of us are too dumb to remember.


Because she tweeted this sanctimonious horse crap without even a sliver of irony:

Right side of history.


That works.

Valerie is such a phony.

Just like her boss.

They were horrible to W. as well, but now that he’s not a Trump supporter he’s super cool and stuff.





Short, simple, and accurate.

Ain’t that the truth?



Spin baby, SPIN! Even CNN can’t believe Minneapolis would be stupid enough to defund and dismantle their police dept.

What are they gonna do, HUG it out?! Byron York takes the entire #DefundThePolice movement APART in fact-filled thread

Look on Alysin Camerota’s face as Minneapolis City Council President describes not wanting to be robbed as ‘privilege’ is PRICELESS (watch)

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