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Talk to the HAND! Unhinged Cheri Jacobus calls Mollie Hemingway a 'white supremacist' and just GUESS how that goes over

There are a few constants on Twitter.

Donald Trump could tweet that the sky is blue and thousands (millions?) of people will scream at him that he’s a racist.


Left-leaning accounts can openly threaten the White House while right-leaning accounts get suspended for calling Brian Stelter a ‘pansy’.

And Cheri Jacobus will be acting like an unhinged hyena who sat on a cactus.


Look at this tweet of hers attacking Mollie Hemingway and babbling about race white riot and defending Antifa. And we thought Joy Reid had lost her marbles, yikes.

Notice Cheri wasn’t brave enough to actually tag Mollie in her tweet. No no, she took a screenshot of Mollie so she could drag her in front of the people she actually hasn’t blocked on Twitter. It’s one thing to dislike Trump, plenty of people do, it’s another to let it completely destroy your whole world.

Oh, and FYI, her silly conspiracy about the looting and rioting being started by white supremacists totally fell apart.

But you knew that.

Wait for it …

She’s big and tough as long as you can’t actually engage her.



Trump broke her.


Mollie didn’t bother to engage or entertain Cheri because likely she knew the tweet was all about getting attention. That or Cheri has her blocked like she does most of Twitter. We like to think it was a ‘talk to the hand’ moment.

Not the brightest crayon in the box.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Etc. etc.



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