If Rick Wilson didn’t spend so much time telling the world how right he is about everything it wouldn’t be so funny when he was wrong … ok, so it might be but you get our point. We understand that Rick’s bread and butter is ‘ORANGE MAN BAD’ but we’re starting to wonder if maybe he should put the Twitter down for just a little bit.

Go outside.

Oh, and calm down, he should wear a mask.

Seriously, Nixon?



BTW, we’re not seeing those millions of tweets but we suppose he could have meant WAY LATER in the day.

We’re also not seeing the Right celebrate or defend Chauvin.

Blah blah blah.

Oh, and his little exploitation of those who have passed from the virus is especially sh*tty.

Told you, dude is broken and obsessed.

This does feel a little bit like he’s projecting. Like when he made fun of ‘flyover country’ on CNN? Yeah.

It’s all he’s got.




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