So to be fair, Sally Kohn had a decent point here in her first tweet about how the media focus on the violence and rage with the riots in Minneapolis because that is what gets people to watch. They’re not all that interested in covering the real protest because people don’t tune in to see a bunch of peaceful protesters standing together in ‘solidarity.’

Her points were valid.

Still good points … she should have stopped here.

BUT oh no, she had to keep going and bring up the protesters in Michigan because they were EVIL WHITE DUDES WITH GUNS who didn’t break any laws, loot any businesses or set any fires.

Stop comparing the two protests, there are not similar in any way.

They keep taking the focus off George Floyd with this silly narrative that really has nothing to do with what happened in Minneapolis.

And of course, she missed the point.

We should stand with the protesters.

Rioters are not protesters.

And WTF with bringing up COVID? Huh?

Not really, no.

Yeah, except for all of that CRIME.

Totally peaceful.



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