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Hellooo PULITZER: CBS' Weijia Jang writes entire THREAD 'breaking' story on Trump not wearing mask at Ford, accidentally proves he DID

The moment we’ve been waiting for?

Man, CBS’ Weijia Jiang really oversold this nonsense …



This is news?

Gosh, it’s almost like Weijia has some sort of vendetta or agenda here.

Because he did.

Except he did.

And several people were more than happy to point this out to Weijia:

She kept on trying though:


Except they may have.

A source familiar with Ford said he was given a choice, Weijia, so there.

Isn’t that how this works?

And this, ladies and germs, is why so many Americans point and laugh at the mainstream media.

She really thinks this is breaking news.

She really thinks people CARE.

She’s really wrong.

Now THERE’S a story.


Eat your heart out, Jim Acosta.



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