Yup, ladies and gents, Rep. Eric Swalwell stepped up and put yet another quarter in the nut-punching machine. After the sad, pathetic, EMBARRASSING way his presidential campaign ended you’d think he’d have figured out this is NOT a winning strategy but nope.

They never learn.

Which is great for Twitchy.

But not so great for Eric … sort of like his fart heard all around the world.

Look at this garbage:

We’re almost embarrassed for Eric.


She’s almost as awful as Swalwell.


The word of the day is ‘almost.’ Heh

Kristy Swanson was less than impressed with Eric’s sh*t ad, and considering Twitter has supposedly been locking accounts for sharing false COVID information they should have locked Eric for this one, right?

He responded (sorry):

He never called it a hoax, you nob.

Even Snopes has admitted as much.

Yeah yeah, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed …

Yeah, creepy.

Chad Felix Greene also called Eric out:

Umm …

And Democrats wonder why Biden was the best they could do.




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