Hey, if NYT is moving from COVID panic porn back to anti-meat, racial justice, climate change panic porn that’s a good sign, right?

This is where we are now? If you care about the poor, racial justice, and climate change you have to stop eating animals.

Welp, guess that means this editor doesn’t care … oopsie.

From The New York Times:

Don’t we need animal protein? No.

We can live longer, healthier lives without it. Most American adults eat roughly twice the recommended intake of protein — including vegetarians, who consume 70 percent more than they need. People who eat diets high in animal protein are more likely to die of heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure. Of course, meat, like cake, can be part of a healthy diet. But no sound nutritionist would recommend eating cake too often.

If we let the factory-farm system collapse, won’t farmers suffer? No.

The corporations that speak in their name while exploiting them will. There are fewer American farmers today than there were during the Civil War, despite America’s population being nearly 11 times greater. This is not an accident, but a business model. The ultimate dream of the animal-agriculture industrial complex is for “farms” to be fully automated. Transitioning toward plant-based foods and sustainable farming practices would create many more jobs than it would end.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask a farmer if he or she would be happy to see the end of factory farming.

Isn’t a movement away from meat elitist? No.

Yes, the whole ridiculous thing is elitist and annoying.


Sorry, we couldn’t hear them over the sound of our bacon FRYING.

‘Bacon tastes GOOD.’


Awww, see? We care!

Yes! We thought the same thing. If they’re willing to be annoying about something else maybe we are getting closer to being back to normal after all.

Mmmmm … steak.

Nothing helps the poor like putting them completely out of work.

That works.

‘Nuff said.



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