As Twitchy readers know, our dear, sweet, favorite Hall Monitor, Brian Stelter, has started using a new ‘Twitter tool’ that allows him to control who can respond to him. Guess you could say it’s a tool for a tool.

Anyway, we’re not sure if Brian really thought that limiting who could respond to him would be a good idea but from what we’re seeing, and the amount of Twitchy fodder around his actions, it ain’t good.

Carpe Donktum must be someone Brian follows as he was able to respond to Tater and show him screenshots of quite a few responses because he’s a helper.


Brian HAD to know this would only make things worse for him, right?

Ok, full disclosure, this was NOT listed in Donktum’s thread but it was too good NOT to use it.

This is the thread:

Short, sweet, simple.

Again, not entirely sure what he was thinking here.

Ooh, ooh, we know!


Hey man, we get the idea.

And we laughed our a*ses off.



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