Maybe AOC missed it, but the government literally wouldn’t let the working class go to work but you know, capitalism is the real villain here.

Or something.

Ugh, it is actually painful to try and make sense of her tweets …

AOC rooting against success so she can impose socialism. Classy.

Thank goodness we live in a capitalistic country where we are not dependent upon the government to provide for us. Look at how poorly they’ve handled ‘paying’ Americans who lost their jobs when governors shut down their states. This is the world AOC wants for America, and she’s not bright enough to realize her point about the evil rich guys still making money is not a bad thing. But you know, working class yadda yadda yadda.

Who will pay for all of those expensive programs, Sandy?


Ding ding ding.

Democrats have done a bang-up job, indeed.



And that’s putting it mildly.



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