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'Supermodel. LOL!': MoveOn threatens Tim Young for making fun of WaPo's Stacey Abrams piece then tries DELETING (got it)

You guys saw the WaPo write-up about Stacey Abrams that all but gave her the Beyoncé treatment, right? It was embarrassingly shallow and obnoxiously biased; if WaPo wants to be the president of Abrams’ fan club they should just say so.


Welp, Tim Young being Tim Young, commented on the piece in his usual Tim Young fashion:

We can’t even, either.


MoveOn responded to Tim’s tweet when Trump Jr. retweeted it sooooo while we think they were threatening Tim they could also be threatening Trump Jr.

Either way, it was stupid to threaten them and they deleted it.

BUT luckily TheMorninSpew2 did us a solid and grabbed a screenshot:

Who are these people with a ‘moral compass’ who outnumber Tim?


And of course, Tim doubled down.

Yeah. Junior.


Sadly, we can’t see the ratio because MoveOn is an organization filled with giant cowards who talk tough and run.


They tried to put up a fight, but …

So. Much. Cringe.

Annnd we’re done here.




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