James Woods wrote possibly one of the most sincere, meaningful compliments we’ve seen maybe ever for Trump. It wasn’t filled with flaming eagles, American flags, and comparing him to some deity (and hey, if that’s your thing, more power to you), but instead, it spoke of his love for America and Americans regardless of his flaws.

Because let’s be honest, Trump is a human being and we all know humans are imperfect.

For James to point these flaws out and use them as a positive … well, it’s just really textbook James Woods.

Take a look.

The president himself saw James’ tweet and responded:

Because Trump understands what James is saying here, that his love for America and Americans outshines any of his flaws.

Too bad Maggie Haberman’s reading comprehension skills aren’t better:

Anyone shocked a New York Times reporter is taking part of a quote out of context to make it a bad thing?

So damn predictable.

Because she’s trying to claim Trump is too stupid to realize James was honest about his flaws.

She’s wrong, of course.

Ding ding ding, there it is.


Maybe Marianne should stick with things she knows about, like crystals and stuff.




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