As we promised several weeks (months) ago when the COVID lockdowns started all across the country, we have included at least one article each week from our favorite parody account on Twitter, Sean Spicier. We did miss one week when he seemed to be away from the social media giant, but luckily since then, we have had plenty of ‘self-owns’ from the Left who STILL think he’s Sean Spicer to share with you.

Honestly, we keep waiting for these yahoos to figure out what’s going on because not only have we been writing about him for YEARS, his bio literally says he’s not Spicer.

But then again, if they’re too lazy or simple to look for the little blue check they’re likely too lazy or simple to read a bio.

Have fun.

Wait, what?

Isn’t that the whole point of endorsing someone?


He literally hasn’t been a press secretary for years now, dude.

We love when he kicks people like Comey, especially when he’s babbling about ‘honest, competent leadership.’ Like Comey would know honest, competent leadership even if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.

What a poet Tom is.

Yeah, bro.

We’re not entirely sure what was racist or demonizing about Sean’s tweet to Brian Schatz but this ‘Blue Man’ fellow is definitely demonizing the U.S.


Like fish in a barrel.

Hey man, a vaccine for liberalism would save hundreds of thousands of lives.


Yeah, how dare you.

Dude. Look. For. The. Blue. Checkmark.

Yelp reviews are the worst.

Oh, and one more …

Couldn’t let the week go by without checking in with Sean.




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