It’s been fascinating to watch Democrats and the rest of the legacy media lose their minds over Catherin Herridge covering what we’re seeing come out about the Obama administration, especially since she works at CBS. And by fascinating we mean predictable, annoying, and shameful.

They can easily brush off Fox News or any other outlet covering #ObamaGate and shriek ‘right-wing bias,’ but not so much when it’s CBS.

So of course, Democrats are going after Herridge herself.

It’s what they do.

Call it what it is, folks. #ObamaGate

‘Particularly irked.’

Boo freakin’ hoo.

From The Daily Beast:

When Attorney General William Barr wanted to defend a decision that thousands of the Department of Justice alumni called indefensible, he knew just the reporter to turn to.

Catherine Herridge has a long history on the justice beat. She also possesses one of the rarer attributes in TV journalism: a massive mainstream platform, serving now as CBS’s senior investigative correspondent. And she has reporting roots at the nation’s leading conservative media outlet, having made the jump late last year from Fox News, where she served for 20 years.

Working to discredit her and accusing her of bias while they openly flaunt their own bias.

Aren’t they adorable?

Glenn Greenwald wrote a great thread on this:

Fall in line or they’ll destroy you.




Of course, they were. They want all of this to go away sooner than later which is so very, very telling.




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