Sooo … we know being locked down affects everyone a bit differently, but it seems to have made Better Midler even nuttier than usual.

Which is sayin’ something.

Apparently, ‘The Great Reckoning’ aka the coronavirus will cause some ‘seismic shift’ that will change the way the rest of us little people will live. Oh, not her, just the rest of us.


Senseless flights for senseless meetings for senseless jobs we little people need for our senseless survival. You know she tweeted this from her gated, luxurious home, right?

Oh, it gets better.

Could Bette be more out of touch?

Or senseless?

Most people don’t just hop on an airplane to go to an adult birthday party, Bette.


Senseless possessions.


Yeah, grandma.

It always comes full senseless circle.



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