This morning the headlines about Joe Biden (all 12 or so of them) are about how he said the people who believe Tara Reade probably shouldn’t vote for him.

Because yeah, that’s totally a winning campaign slogan, Joe.

That small tidbit is bad enough but when you read the entire quote you quickly see just how confused, lost, and truly out of it the man really is. And Democrats think he should be leading this country.

Keep that in mind as you read these tweets:

Does it really, Joe?

This has been vetted? Really?

We missed that.

In fact, we’re still waiting for him to stop blocking the archive at the University of Delaware … now THAT would be vetting.

Wait, it should be vetted?

But he said just before this that it had been vetted.

Which is it, Joe?

Man, he’s making lots and lots of promises.

And he is, as usual, all over the place.

Joe. Dude. Huh? Try that again, in English this time.

Ain’t it though?



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