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But Trump! REEEE! Ron Fournier lashes out BIG TIME because his GA COVID doomsday predictions keep blowing up in his face

You know, we’ve learned a few things over the years covering Twitter and social media in general. For example, don’t drink and tweet, or make sure you can stand behind what you tweet because someone, somewhere has your tweet so don’t bother deleting it … you know, basic stuff.


Something we’ve seen even more so since the COVID came to be is talking heads making really horrible doomsday predictions when people or states go against their panic porn about staying locked to ‘flatten the curve’.

Like Ron Fournier:


Or not.

Lockdown skeptic Alex Berenson is pretty freakin’ relentless.

Ain’t it great?

Ron responded …


You’d think by now they’d know this defense ain’t gonna fly but oh no.


That he does.

Eeek, we really don’t want to look at Kurt’s timeline.



Someone wanna give Ron a gold star?


The Doomsday prophets pushing panic and fear porn for months now most definitely did more harm than good.

Ron needs to own THAT.



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