Adam Schiff seems more annoying than usual lately and considering what a tw*t the guy is on a fairly consistent basis, that’s saying something. Could it be that he knows Richard Grenell is onto him and many others in the Democrat Party and what they tried to pull with General Flynn and ultimately on the president himself?

Scared-Schiffless sure is trying to discredit Grenell and CNN is right there doing their part to help the process along.

CNN. *eye roll*

Uh-oh! Not a strongly-worded letter?! Whatever will Richard do? He was probably just wrecked and terrified over it …

Or not.


But orange man bad? Maybe?

Grenell is taking zero prisoners so Schiff and others probably need to buckle up.

Adam isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

Just sayin’.


To be fair, considering Schiff hasn’t given us any real truth or evidence EVER that isn’t a huge feat but yes, Grenell is definitely making the Deep State squirm.

He is definitely protesting too much.


Ahem, we did.

Just sayin’.



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