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‘They are going DOWN’! Brian Cates takes ‘fake news media’ APART in straight-up savage thread on their part in 'framing' Flynn

With all of the COVID chaos going on in the news, you know the Flynn piece was big if it was seen and even heard. Seriously. We’ve been talking about Tara Reade and Joe Biden for weeks (months?) and we are just now seeing it sort of rumble in the media (Chris Hayes, yikes!) so yeah, Flynn is a big deal.


Especially with the way the media are trying to claim otherwise.

Brian Cates wrote a fairly brutal … even ruthless … thread on the part the ‘fake news media’ played with Flynn:

Media may find there ARE indeed consequences. Finally.

Keep going.

We’re all stocked up on popcorn.

Even on toilet paper.


This is gonna be huge.


Side note, it’s been so long since we’ve been able to talk about anything news-worthy outside of the virus … this feels great. Heh.

Ok, back to the thread.

Strategic leaking sounds sorta yucky. Just sayin’.



Let’s hope Cates is right. #Reckoning



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