Soledad O’Brien has been throwing a fit about any and every positive article that any outlet has dared to put together about women associated with Trump. From griping at POLITICO for doing what she called a ‘puff piece’ on Hope Hicks to nagging the New York Times for ‘normalizing’ Kayleigh McEnany, she has been more unbearable than usual.

Normalizing, whatever the Hell that means.

Steve Krakauer, who has apparently worked with Soledad in the past, had this to say:


Truth hurts, eh Soledad?

The Trump era has brought that out in a lot of people, unfortunately.

And as we said in the headline, her flying monkeys just lost it:

About her? Yes.

Because apparently working at The Blaze means he couldn’t possibly be telling the truth about Soledad, although if you spend any time reading her timeline you know he’s right.

They’re so easy to rile up.


They think they’re being mean to him … it’s sort of adorable really.

We read a lot of stupid tweets every day SO to be fair we sort of stop seeing them after a while but this one … impressively stupid.

Luckily there were plenty of folks on the thread who agreed with Steve:

C’mon folks, Steve was just speaking his truth to power and stuff.



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