Whoa, did Hell suddenly freeze over? Chris Hayes actually covered Tara Reade’s allegations against Biden. Then again, it would be pretty hard for even MSNBC to ignore all of the corroborating evidence that we see coming out and even the dinguses at MSNBC can only be so hypocritical for so long.


Color us pleasantly surprised.

Shocked even.

And of course, Chris’ words about how important it is for us to be consistent when believing all women, even when they’ve accused someone we support politically, totally moved the Left and suddenly they want Tara to be heard.


Nah, Chris pushing for consistency actually caused the Left to meltdown and call for his resignation:

Palmer is more emotional and thin-skinned than any high school mean girl.

But then again, this is what the Cancel Culture Crew do so eh.


Oooh, skeery. ‘Lauren’ isn’t going to let a little thing like sexual assault get in her way of turning the country blue!

THERE it is.

They are so damn predictable.

But is it really sad? Is it?

We think it’s pretty damn entertaining.

So not covering the story would mean he has journalistic integrity?


She mad.

They all so mad.




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