Welp, we broke our promise, folks. WE’RE SORRY. To be fair, we absolutely intended to make sure our readers got to read about our favorite parody account, Sean Spicier, every week during this lockdown. Sadly, last week his timeline seemed sparse and honestly, this editor was truly concerned for ‘him’. You see, writing about the account for as long as we have, many of us almost feel like we know this person, like a good friend if you will.

We missed him as much as you did.

Luckily, his timeline is almost back to normal this week so we can uphold our end of the deal and share some of the best ‘owns’ you’ll see on Twitter.


Hey, it’s not Sean’s fault Stacey Abrams thinks she’s the governor.

Remember when people were eating Tide Pods?

Even that seems like a smarter time than what we’re seeing right now.

It’s true.

Democrats, right?


Hey, at least now that we have seen what Chinese propaganda looks like we know where they’re getting most of it.

We see what he did there.

Bunny … Politi Bunny.

Sorry, just always wanted to do that.


Hey, anything is possible, especially if Democrats get their mail-in election they so desperately want.



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