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Smelling salts, STAT! Greg Gutfeld uses Don Lemon to mock Jim Acosta's outrage over Trump's presser video in 1 PERFECT tweet

Would appear Jim Acosta wasn’t happy with Trump sharing a video of the media making fools of themselves in their early COVID coverage.

Poor lil feller:


Dear Diary,

Mean ol’ Trump played a mean ol’ video mocking CNN and MSNBC for claiming COVID wasn’t dangerous in the early months of the pandemic. He is so mean, dear Diary, and in fact, I think he’s a poop head. Sorry for my language, Diary, but he just makes me so darn mad!

Only you truly love and appreciate how awesome I am, Diary.



Greg Gutfeld had this to say about Acosta’s outrage over Trump’s video:

Almost too easy, right Greg?

But pretty damn funny.

Our guess is the ‘fainting couch’ makes its way around the CNN studios depending on what week it is and who has annoyed Trump the most.

What she said.


They really are so damn predictable.



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NO biggie, just Bloomberg News killing investigation into Chinese Ruling elites, firing the reporter, and trying to silence his wife

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