After yesterday’s Thunderdome, sorry, Trump presser, the media exploded about Trump, claiming he had melted down, that he was falling apart, that he was a beaten man, that he had violated the Hatch Act  … yeah, they went into full SPIN MODE working overtime to deflect from the reality of the as*kicking he gave them,

The as*kicking quite frankly they have more than earned over the past four years of constant activism over journalism.

Comfortably Smug was good enough to call the media out BIG TIME in a … well … smug thread:

It’s like Smug really knows these folks.

Keep going.


So much ouch.

Truth definitely hurts here.

Gosh, Smug, tell us how you really feel.

He brings up an excellent point though. The media do sit in their little media circles, patting one another on the back, retweeting their angry tweets about Trump, pretending that they’re all so brave for writing their hit pieces on the president and his supporters.


That. Was. Painful.

No wonder the media’s approval is in the toilet.



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