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Sit DOWN! Dan Bongino OWNS armchair QBs babbling about 'blood on your hands' with AP headline on record unemployment

What a terrifying headline, right? Almost as if what’s happening to our economy is as scary and threatening as the virus itself.

Because it is.


And no, being concerned or afraid of what is happening to everyone and anyone in America right now losing jobs, losing their savings, losing their livelihoods, grieving what their lives were like BEFORE the virus, doesn’t mean someone has blood on their hands.

Dan Bongino actually said it far better:



Ok, that’s more like it.

There has got to be SOMETHING in the middle that protects Americans from the virus without completely shutting our economy down. And again, ASKING WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE doesn’t mean people don’t care about their fellow Americans.

In fact, it is likely quite the opposite.

10 million unemployed, folks.

We’ve gotta get back to life.



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