One of this editor’s biggest pet peeves is when tough guy blue-checks talk smack about folks without having the nards to tag them, like what Media Matters ‘president’ Angelo Carusone did here with Greg Gutfeld. Seems Angelo accused Gutfeld of not taking the Coronavirus seriously enough in the beginning and OOPSIE, Gutfeld had receipts proving otherwise.

Instead of being a ‘man’ though, Angelo whined to his followers: (note, we’ve almost written Angela instead of Angelo several times, not on purpose … ok, maybe) 

Imagine being such a whiney twit that you can’t even tag the host you’re trashing. No worries though, Gutfeld saw it:

Heart? What is this heart thing he’s speaking about?

Unlike Media Matters, Gutfeld doesn’t support ‘cancel culture.’

Exactly. People on the Right just think people on the Left are wrong (or stupid). People on the Left want people on the Right destroyed.

Sorry, not sorry.

They are predictable, yup.



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