Remember when Sen. Chuck Schumer spent three days working with Senate Republicans on the Coronavirus relief bill, even bragged about it to Wolf Blitzer, then turned around and blocked the bill when Nancy Pelosi came back from her vacation? Then remember how the House delayed the bill for three days so Nancy could push for pork including windmills, funding for a DC charter school, and monies for the Kennedy Performing Arts Center?

Yeah, now Chuck is screeching at the Secretary of Labor like it’s somehow his fault people are waiting for unemployment relief.

Chuck sucks. But you knew that.

What he said.


Chuck wants Americans to forget they played politics with this very unemployment so many need right now.

Oh yeah, that too.

But you know, TRUMP BAD!

It’s all about those votes, folks.

So keep reminding them we know exactly what they did with this incident, impeachment, Russia, and so much more.



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