Yeah yeah, we’ve written a lot about that Rachel Maddow guy in the last 24 hours.

Oh, wait, gal.

Zhe? Whatever.

Anyway, we know you’ve read a lot about her BUT she is just the gift that keeps on giving. Seems she didn’t like President Trump pointing out how wrong she was about the ship actually making it to the New York harbor … which it did. She tried really hard to pretend she wasn’t wrong again but she only managed to make things worse.

Bro, sometimes you just gotta take the L.

We sense a whole LOT of hard feelings … on Rachel’s part.

She has been really terrible about communicating true, factual information.

And no, no Trump should NOT nationalize any supply chain.

Sit down.

But nice try, bro.

Dance clown dance!

At least she’s not babbling about the damn Russians anymore.

THAT was embarrassing.




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