We’re not going to sugar coat it (we know, you’re shocked, we’re usually so shy and introverted), the media is all but cheering on the Coronavirus as long as that means Trump loses. Sorry, not sorry. We have watched them spend months now pushing any and every piece of bad news they can find while completely ignoring anything positive or encouraging. Why else do you think they constantly b*tch and moan about Trump speaking directly TO the American people during his pressers?

They can’t spin it if they can’t report it.

And that brings us to this thread from Twitter rando, Shashi Galore, (aka someone Twitter has not verified) about why the media is so angry and why they need America to fail.

Promise, it will pis* you guys off too because she is spot on.

Take a look:

And God forbid private industry or Trump succeed in ANY way.

That would decimate their pals in the Democratic Party.

She continued:

If Trump wins (ie we win) they lose.

And as we’ve seen since 2016, the media cannot deal with another Trump win.

Wait, the Founders were right?


They’re like super old fashioned and stuff.

Bill de Blasio was encouraging New Yorkers to go OUTSIDE and spread the virus? HEY LOOK, GUYS, TRUMP SAID SOMETHING STUPID.

Every. Freaking. Time.

Lots of red tape exposed.


They’re angry.

Guess they’re going to have to get over it because we aren’t going to lose to this virus.

Sucks to be them.



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