We promised to write about Sean Spicier’s timeline at least once a week until this COVID-19 thing is over because we all still need a moment to laugh. And truly, watching a parody account beat a bunch of frothy-mouthed, thin-skinned, emotionally insecure Lefties about the head because they don’t bother to look for the little blue checkmark never gets old.

Sean is like a strange magnet for stupid people. Seriously.

See for yourself:

Uh-oh, she was gonna tattle on Spicier.

Guess she only tattled on herself.

As a Virginian, this editor is quite pleased with Spicier blasting her stupid governor for locking us down for two more months.

And, of course, he makes a fair point.

Liberty University BAD!

Or something.

Seriously obsessed with the guy’s dancing.

Well, Spicer’s dancing.


But that’s not cool.

So mad.

Gross. We wouldn’t suggest licking boots even when there isn’t a crazy virus out there.

What a strange visual … not judging.

Is he implying that’s Cuomo’s sock account?

Hey, it’s possible. Remember Pierre Deflecto?

Flubber butt?

That’s a new one.


Or something.

So that makes the media full of total douches? Good to know.



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