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Making CNN cry? PRICELESS: James Woods makes Oliver Darcy look like a total NOB for whining about Trump 'disparaging CNN'

CNN’s Oliver Darcy is certainly giving Brian Stelter a run for his ‘Hall Monitor’ money lately. What a bunch of annoying, whiny little tattle tales:


Oliver’s obsession with Fox News is ALMOST as embarrassing as Brian Stelter’s … almost.

To summarize, Oliver and his CNN buddies continue to try and make the story about themselves by playing the victim every time they try to bait Trump and he makes them look like the ridiculous, sad, fake news they really are.

Maybe if CNN, NYT, NPR and other outlets would start sending real journalists to these briefings Trump could stop disparaging them?

Ok, so James Woods snarked on Oliver way better than we ever could:

Remember when they treated Avenatti like a legit Democratic candidate for president?



They really are their own worst enemy.



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