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'People are DYING, you moron.' Ellen producer Andy Lassner REKT for pretending his super MEAN hashtag will show Trump

Hey, if being an annoying Twitter troll makes ‘Ellen’ producer Andy Lassner feel better about himself while millions of Americans lose their jobs (lives?) that’s on him. And we’re positive this hashtag totally destroyed the president.



He’s probably still crying about it, even.

Because you know, he’s not worried about anything more important right now.

FFS, maybe Andy needs to find something a bit more constructive to do with his free time.

Giant egos.

Tiny little brains.


They need to make everything about themselves.

It’s what they do.




Right? He might as well pack up and leave the White House since Andy’s hashtag destroyed him so much.

This is what privilege REALLY looks like, folks. Andy has no idea how terrified average Americans are right now for their lives, their families, their jobs … all he’s worried about is putting Trump in his place on Twitter.

Must be nice.



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