We’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that anything and everything Paul Krugman says, writes, or tweets is likely wrong. Considering he claimed the internet was just a fad and that the economy would tank the day after Trump took office … his track record sucks.

Which is probably why he’s really pushing the notion that it’s Trump’s fault our country has a virus.

That started in China.

That the Left criticized Trump over when he barred travel from China.

But you know, orange man bad.

Paul is the last person who should be talking about someone else being unfit temperamentally or intellectually.

The guy is just a hot mess.

Oh, ok, so that’s it. America just sucks in general at being healthy.

As we said, take what he says and maybe just go with the opposite from here on out.

Paul can take ALL the seats.

All. Of. Them.



Not a damn thing.

Ain’t THAT the truth?



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