As always, we can rely on Brit Hume to share important information about the Coronavirus on his timeline.

This thread from yesterday from Scott Gottlieb leads to an even more important report he released this morning BUT start here.

Mid/late April.

*crosses fingers*

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Gradually rely on more case-based interventions.

So instead of shutting down the whole country, they look at focusing on states where the outbreak is the worst? Maybe?

Transition to a new posture.

Man, we like the sound of that.

And then this morning Brit shared their plan for reopening America:

We’ve come a long way in the last month …

See for yourself:


State-by-State Reopening in Phase II. Individual states can move to Phase II when they are able to safely diagnose, treat, and isolate COVID-19 cases and their contacts. During this phase, schools and businesses can reopen, and much of normal life can begin to resume in a phased approach. However, some physical distancing measures and limitations on gatherings will still need to be in place to prevent transmission from accelerating again. For older adults (those over age 60), those with underlying health conditions, and other populations at heightened risk from COVID-19, continuing to limit time in the community will be important.

Public hygiene will be sharply improved, and deep cleanings on shared spaces should become more routine. Shared surfaces will be more frequently sanitized, among other measures. In addition to case-based interventions that more actively identify and isolate people with the disease and their contacts, the public will initially be asked to limit gatherings, and people will initially be asked to wear fabric nonmedical face masks while in the community to reduce their risk of asymptomatic spread. Those who are sick will be asked to stay home and seek testing for COVID-19. Testing should become more widespread and routine as point-of-care diagnostics are fully deployed in doctors’ offices.

There is a good bit more to this report and we suggest you take a moment to go and read it. Trust us, it’s worth a read and good to know what we can look forward to in the months ahead.

Weeks even.

We got this, folks, hang in there!



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