S.E. Cupp has officially become very disappointing.

Because it totally makes sense right now to lecture Americans for being mean to the media for the way they treat the president and spin facts into narrative to promote an agenda. Sure, it’s OUR fault the poor firefighters ‘on the frontlines’ of COVID have made themselves into a completely irrelevant joke.

It’s no coincidence their ratings are in the toilet right now.

‘Please don’t take your politics out on them.’

Are you serious?!

How about we ask the media NOT to take their politics out on US?! How about we ask the media to just do their damn jobs and stop pushing their own opinions on the country?

And please … frontlines?

What. A. Bunch. Of. Crap.

Yay media!


Not a damn one.

But people are mean to them!


So brave.

And there it is.



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