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'Grocery store clerks risk more than you': RedSteeze makes S.E. Cupp look even WORSE in debate over media playing the victim

As Twitchy readers know, S.E. Cupp really stepped in it when she lectured Americans about not taking their politics out on the media because they are on the frontlines of COVID and other emergencies. We’re pretty sure she doesn’t really know what being on the ‘frontlines’ looks like … especially if she tweeted that without even a bit of irony.


RedSteeze, aka Stephen L. Miller, was more than happy to remind her of the media’s place in all of this and why people may be taking their politics out on them right now:



It’s hard to sit in front of a camera and b*tch nonstop about the bad orange man in the White House. Some of them even have to work from home, you monster!

Does she want a gold star?

Wouldn’t THAT be amazing?!


She asked him what they should be doing.

He answered.

And instead of recognizing the media has all but carried water for Communist China, she accused him of changing the topic.


Notice she never answered him.


Bueller? Bueller?



We see exactly how this game is played.

Thanks for the reminder, S.E.



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