We write about some effed-up tweets (it’s sort of what we do), but wow, this tweet from a blue-check we’ve never heard of named Stephanie Wittels Wachs about how it’s ok to vote for Biden even though he might be a rapist because he has good policies was pretty off the charts AWFUL.

She did of course delete it BUT like any good social media user knows, Twitter is forever:

It’s ok if Biden is a rapist as long as his policies are good? Wait, what?

She later wrote about and apologized for the the tweet after getting dragged pretty impressively for it:

Ethical? And even in context it looked awful but whatever makes her feel better about her horrible tweet.


Does she feel terrible for what she said or that it went so badly?

Guess how this went over:

Sounds like people weren’t quite ready to give her a pass just yet.

And we can hardly blame them.



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