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Chinese Propaganda 101 --> NYT's Max Fisher spins and spins to praise China's' COVID-model' while crapping on America

Leave it to NYT’s Max Fisher to pretend China is somehow the good guy here while claiming America is scapegoating the country. We get it, the New York Times has some sort of directive to hate on Trump and destroy him but maybe just maybe he should stop trashing the country that allows him to write this sort of garbage in the first place.

Max does realize if he were in China he could never write anything negative about them, right?



No, he doesn’t get it.

Way to stand up for the Chinese Government!

Oh, and WHO lied their as*es off for weeks about the virus to protect China but whatever, Max.

So you’re wrong.


Only if by ‘amazing’ he means embarrassing, pathetic, and all too predictable.


We’re seeing a pattern here …



‘Should be ASHAMED’: Byron York uses Gov. Whitmer’s own WORDS on NBC to prove Trump wasn’t ‘punishing’ her or Michigan

‘Grocery store clerks risk more than you’: RedSteeze makes S.E. Cupp look even WORSE in debate over media playing the victim

HOOboy, THAT was bad! Blue check tries deleting truly awful tweet about Biden being the ‘better rapist’ (we got it!)


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