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Guy Benson's thread about demands Schumer/Pelosi blocked Coronavirus relief over SOLID reminder of how much Dems suck

Democrats are holding American lives hostage to push for their agenda items and platform. You know, we write a lot of snark about Democrats caring more about power than people but this crap right here, this proves it.


Guy Benson spoke with a GOP aide, and you’ll never guess what Schumer and Pelosi are demanding over HELPING AMERICANS:

In other words, Schumer and Pelosi are playing politics while Americans wait for the next coronavirus shoe to drop.

What the Hell does any of that have to do with the coronavirus?

They’re job killers.

So Democrats want to kill more jobs to help Americans.

Gosh, that seems really stupid, right?


And disgusting.



Those a-holes.

Not a damn thing.

But Democrats never met a crisis they wouldn’t milk for more power.



Wait, so orange man WASN’T bad?! Brit Hume shares thread about what REALLY happened with coronavirus testing delay

‘How crazy is this?!’ Matt Whitlock BURIES Chuck Schumer with his own WORDS for blocking Coronavirus Relief (watch)

‘Pelosi owns THIS’: Kimberley Strassel takes Dems APART for voting against very Coronavirus Relief Bill they helped WRITE

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