Kimberley Strassel came out swinging at Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats after Senate Democrats voted to block the very Coronavirus Relief Bill they helped craft over the weekend. Schumer was out trying to call it the ‘McConnell-GOP’ bill because he thinks people are stupid… sadly, his supporters are BUT the rest of America is pissed off.

And they should be.

Democrats want to play politics while average, working Americans hope against hope they don’t lose their jobs this week. Remember this the next time one of these a-holes tells you they care about the working man.

Kimberley Strassel said it best:

Pelosi DOES own this.

And it is the height of responsibility.

Schumer was on the Sunday morning shows BRAGGING about their bipartisan efforts to get this done, and then they voted against it?!

Hell yeah.

Time to start holding people accountable.

Considering the economy was Trump’s biggest selling point? Yup.

Republicans are going to have to fight just like Democrats do.


At this point, we imagine most Americans feel this way. Sure, the virus is scary but the idea of a complete economic collapse is even scarier.

Which is why Republicans were looking at the relief as temporary, we need Americans to get back to work.

We need America to get back to being America.

And we need Nancy Pelosi to get out of the damn way.



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