Hobby Lobby is keeping their doors open so people don’t lose their jobs?! MONSTERS!

Do us a solid and read this letter from Hobby Lobby’s owner, David Green, and see if your takeaway is the same as ‘Towanda the Avenger’s’, because no matter how many times this editor reads it she doesn’t see anything about a wife’s vision and making store managers stay open.

And her claim about hourly employees not getting sick leave?

Just sayin’.

She continued:

Even according to the benefits package hourly employees do get personal time off. They also have a 401k which is pretty spectacular for an hourly, non-salaried employee but we digress.

Sorry, she goes on:

Again, the letter reads like anything you’d see from a company built on Christian ideals. Think she would be this mad at other companies or does she just have it out for the mean ol’ Christians?

We’re starting to wonder about her reading comprehension skills at this point. They are directing managers to focus on areas of the store that are successful currently PROBABLY so they can keep their doors open and keep paying their employees. Maybe ‘Towanda’ missed it, but millions of people are losing their jobs right now.

In other words, Hobby Lobby will utilize paid time off and then continue paying their employees at 75% of their regular pay … and she says this like it’s a bad thing. What does she expect them to do?

It’s called prayer, you nob.

It doesn’t.

She did not.

OR, she did and took away from it what she wanted for her narrative.

Seems she doesn’t care about unemployed Americans.

Which she obviously did.

Right? Those Christians, always praying for people, going out of their way to help their neighbors:


Take it from us, folks, if you want to keep from pulling all of your hair out avoid the rest of the tweets on that thread. None of them actually read the letter, either that or they have zero reading comprehension skills.

Either way, it’s a hot dumpster of stupid on steroids.

Just like her original thread.



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