You guys remember David Leavitt, right? He’s the guy who made a disgusting joke about a terror attack during an Ariana Grande concert that killed 23 people. Oh, and he’s also the winner who tried to buy a toothbrush for a penny and ended up making a Target employee very famous for standing her ground against him.

In other words, he’s sort of a disaster.

So seeing that he shared this video of an alleged Trump supporter hoarding toilet paper we’re prone to think this was likely staged.


Notice the person ‘recording’ the evil woman brings up Donald Trump … it just seems far too perfect as a means to frame his supporters as bad people.

Others on Twitter think it’s fake as well.

There is likely no way Dollar Tree allowed one person to buy all of their paper products.

The gal he harassed became Twitter famous and ended up on a luxury vacation … we bet David still hasn’t even gotten a toothbrush.

We’re still thinking this is completely fake … just sayin’.

Is it possible that it’s real?

Of course.

It is more likely that it’s fake?

Oh yeah.



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