Sen. Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of himself.

He and other Senate Democrats spent days with Senate Republicans working on the Coronavirus Relief Bill only to turn around and magically BLOCK IT.

The jacka*s even went on TV and talked about how much he liked the bipartisan efforts going into the bill not even 24 hours before.


We see you, Chuck.

We also see your testicles in Nancy Pelosi’s bag.

Just sayin’.

Well, it might work on their followers. Right now a bunch of Leftist yahoos is on Twitter babbling about how corporations don’t create jobs and screeching SLUSH FUND over and over again. The deception will work on them BUT on Centrists, Moderates, and Independents? Nope.

And we all need to do our best to remind the masses over and over what Senate Democrats did here.

That won’t impact them at all.


Taxation is theft, but we digress.

Ain’t that the truth?



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