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This can't be REAL: Watch MSNBC's Brian Williams and his guest make complete fools of themselves over a tweet 'doing the math' on what Bloomberg spent

Wow, MSNBC. You know your segment is really bad when even CNN can make fun of you.

To Andrew’s point, how the Hell did this end up on TV?


Brian, dude, do you even math?

Do they think there are 500 people in America? Even this Twitchy editor who has not had enough coffee to truly be all that clever yet can see this doesn’t exactly add up.

Maybe they were making fun of it but their snark was so lame people thought they were being serious?


Work with us, people.

THERE it is.

And your fancy numbers and math.


To be fair, it can be.

But that math was NOT.




Whoa. Could be?


Well, NOW it all makes sense.



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