Oh my God! Is Alyssa Milano still tweeting stupid?

Yup, it’s been a while since this editor perused her timeline (probably because she blocked this editor AND Twitchy last year) but since Warren dropped out and went off the reservation we thought we’d check in with SamanTHA and boy howdy, talk about Twitchy gold.

Bless her.

For example, she wants to know if Trump should be impeached based on an interpretation by Vox’s Aaron Rupar of his convo with Hannity on the coronavirus.

What the what?


No. No, this is not an impeachable offense ALTHOUGH the two articles of impeachment were weak-sauce as well, but still.

*holy crap*

Remember when he was their great presidential hope?

Calm DOWN.

LOL, good point. The last time they impeached Trump he got more popular.

Sadly, no, she’s not.



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