Last night, as centrist and ‘white liberal woman’ Hilary Rosen lectured black Leftist Nina Turner about MLK’s words while Chris Cuomo sat idly by with a look on his face like he had just smelled a fart, we could literally see the Democratic Party dividing in two. On one side there was your establishment and on the other your grassroots/activists, and the way Rosen spoke down to Turner represented everything the Right has been pointing out about the Left for decades now.

Democrats aren’t exactly concerned with what black Americans think, they’re really only concerned about keeping their votes.

Watch this.

Have fun with that, Fredo.

Oh, we mean Chris.

Painful, right? Did Rosen really think this would play well and convince people to support Biden?

Big division here.

Democrats have been making that face forever, and not just the ladies.

Have fun with that, Biden.

Oh, and it looks like Rosen was wrong.

Think she’ll apologize to Turner?

We’re not holding our breath.



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