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OMG, did she really just say that?! 'White liberal woman' Hilary Rosen's apology for scolding Nina Turner only makes things WORSE

There are few times this editor is truly speechless.

C’mon, we write about the craziest, dumbest, most out-of-touch people on the planet, so it takes a lot for any of the Twitchy editors to sit back with their jaws on the floor.


But this tweet from Hilary Rosen about scolding Nina Turner on CNN with Chris Cuomo last night … wow.

So much wow.

We checked several times to make sure this is even real …

Did she really say not to attack ‘angry black women’?



And interestingly enough, the phrase ‘angry black women’ is now trending.

Have we mentioned how much of a dumpster fire the Democrats are right now? HA HA HA HA HA



Democrats are gonna Democrat.


Can’t seem to say wow enough.


Way to go Biden peeps.


OMG this was so bad.



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‘Oh no she did NOT’: Look on Chris Cuomo’s face as ‘white liberal woman’ Hilary Rosen scolds Nina Turner is PRICELESS (watch)

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