Since Trump won in 2016, we have gradually watched the Never Trump movement shrink down to maybe 100 unbearable and smug ‘experts’ who think they should still be lecturing Americans on what it means to be conservative. Even if that includes voting for Joe Biden …

Because nothing says conservative like voting for a guy who wants to ban firearms and supports abortion on demand.

That’ll show Trump and his supporters!

Yup, the stupid burns.

‘Gracie’ wrote a fairly spectacular thread about her voting for Trump, and her history voting for Republicans, in response to David French once again lecturing people about how to best advance conservatism this year. It’s long but worth the read.

The so-called experts in Never Trump could learn a thing or two from this ‘non-expert.’

Just sayin’.


All day this. ^

Squish of all squishes.

So many people fell into the group Gracie is talking about.

Not a guy you want to have lunch with but he’s done a pretty damn good job as president.

Funny how that works out.



There it is.

Many Never Trumpers won’t be impacted at all, but blue-collar workers? The middle class, who are benefitting from an actual tax cut? Black Americans who are working more than ever? Yeah, they’ll be impacted.

It does feel like our ‘betters’ in the Never Trump movement don’t live in the real world.

Good point.

This, right here.

This is why Trump really won, and why he’ll win again.



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