Ida Bae Wells claimed her nine-year-old daughter was really upset that Elizabeth Warren dropped out and that she’s very upset with ‘y’all’ for not thinking it’s a woman’s turn to be president.

A nine-year-old? Really upset over Warren dropping out?

C’mon, be best.

People need to let their kids be kids and stop using them for political purposes. And if stories like this are real, why are their kids already so involved in politics?

She’s nine.

Let her be nine.

Nine-year-olds shouldn’t be worried about identity politics … c’mon.


It’s so exhausting to inundate your kid politically.

And seriously, being president is not about it being someone’s ‘turn’. It’s about who is right to lead the country at that time and we hate to break this to anyone claiming a woman should be president but a vagina does not automatically qualify someone to be the leader of the free world. Elizabeth Warren was a shrill, annoying, virtue-signaling bobblehead who spent decades lying about her heritage to take advantage of programs meant for minorities. She was not the right ‘woman’ to be president.

Now or ever.

Sorry, not sorry.

Maybe if the right woman runs?

Just spitballin’.

It’s like they keep forgetting she’s still in.

Democrats are apparently super sexist.

Who knew?

Oh, that’s right, we all did.


Go do ‘kid’ stuff.

There’s plenty of time for the annoying adult stuff down the road.



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